Many crypto currencies are built for passive income generation, as well as being a (hopefully) appreciating asset; in addition to profiting from a simple increase in the value of the coin over time, holders are rewarded with MORE tokens (called reflections). These tokens are obtained from tax that is deducted from other people’s buy and sells of the coin.

Most other coins have a typical tax of 10-20% on both buying and selling the coin. This means that if a trader wanted to buy and sell for profit, to do so, the value of the coin must increase by more than 20 (10+10) or 40% (20+20) (excluding transaction costs) to allow a profitable trade.

Raider token is taxed at 1% for both buys and sells, meaning that profit can be made by buying and then selling the token with as little as a 3% rise in price.

In addition to this, we have found that the token trades in a very volatile yet predictable way; green candles follow red ones, more often than not, and if you buy on a dip, you will not need to hold long, before the token is back above your buy in price.

This combination of features; the low taxes along with significant, predictable volatility, make it a day trader’s dream.

But that’s not all. The entire time that you are holding the token, you are being rewarded with more Raider Tokens, as others buy and sell.

But how is it possible to earn many reflections, if the Tax is so low?

Well this is where Raider Token’s amazing Tokenomics shine.

As hinted at already, because it is such a great trading token, there are many buys and sells every day. The tax is only 1%, BUT it’s 1% of a large Trading Volume ($ amount of token bought and sold in each 24 hour period.)

TWO other features also ensure great passive gains;

  1. All tax goes directly to the holders. None goes to wallets earmarked for Developers’ expenses or Marketing expenses.
  2. After token launch, 80% of the total supply of Raider Token was burned (removed from circulation) so that, after the burn, any holder’s number of tokens make up a bigger proportion of the new lower total supply, hence each receives a bigger share of the taxes created.


While other coins may demonstrate good gains, in the crypto space there is always a, very understandable, anxiety about scams. These can happen in many ways. However they nearly all occur because the anonymous people who you give your money to, designed the function of the coins and can, therefore, exploit the code to enrich themselves at your expense. The number of hacks in crypto is massive, but most of investors’ losses are due to the illegal activity of their coin’s OWN developers.

And there’s the problem; for big gains you have to accept big risks.

But not with Raider Token!

  1. We have no developers. We are a 100% community driven project. A token contract has been taken off the shelf, modified to distribute 1% tax ONLY to holders and has been audited, by a third party, to ensure that it works ONLY in this way.
  2. The contract is RENOUNCED. This means that it cannot EVER be modified by ANYONE again.
  3. A third risk is that the Liquidity Pool (the pool of BNB that is maintained, to be able to pay holders when they sell) could be embezzled by developers. However again this exploit has been anticipated and guarded against; we have added a Liquidity Pool Lock to prevent this; nobody can remove BNB from that pool unless they exchange the correct amount of Raider Token to get it.


The last (but not least) reason for buying in, is the community. The original Raider community was born out of the deep disappointment felt by holders of another coin who were all scammed by the coin they held. We desperately didn’t want to fall prey to the same developer schemes again, AND we didn’t want others to, either.

So the community determined to make this project safe, profitable and fun!

The community itself helps adds value to the coin; the community, itself, does the marketing for free!

The main way the Raider Token community ensures publicity is by conducting, what we call, Raids. These are coordinated, targeted interactions with others on a variety of social media platforms. The aim is to inform as many people as possible about the qualities of Raider Token and, in this way, encourage others to


Various people in the community volunteer to be responsible for coordinating other members of the group in Raids, for particular social media platforms. They concentrate fellow Raiders’ efforts to entice people to Raider Token.

You wouldn’t believe how exhilarating playing an active role in growing your token’s fame and value really is!

Absolutely nothing guarantees that the identity linked with the person, actually IS their identity (using the common methods accepted for doxing.) The doxxing process can easily be, fraudulently, manipulated, and so it can give a false sense of security to potential investors. The safety features outlined above are the best guarantee of protection- we won’t cheat you, because we CAN’T; we have made it that way for everyone’s peace of mind.

Common questions that visitors to our Telegram channel ask are;


What actual utility has Raider Token got?


How will the coin develop?


Where is the Roadmap and the Whitepaper to demonstrate your plans for the development of the coin?


Developers and development have become trigger words for this community. Normally we would welcome progress, but in this regard, we usually reply like this;

Don’t fix what isn’t broken & Don’t make modifications that could introduce exploits.

Fundamentally, we are here for one single reason because we believe that we can ALL make money, plain and simple. Raider Token, in its current and immutable form WILL make money. It has proven that already in its short life, so far.

We all prize safety.

No other coin provides safety like Raider Token.

Every modification, new version or bridge introduces the possibility of exploitation where, currently, none exists.

Until we can 100% guarantee a better way of making money that is 100% safe, we will stick to the current formula.

Important Raider Token community cannot be held accountable if, using these instructions you are unable to transact correctly. These instructions are given in good faith.

If you need help, ideally seek face-to-face help from someone you trust, who has the necessary knowledge. If not contact a member of our Telegram channel,


NB As a general crypto rule, until you are completely confident, only carry out transactions with tiny fractions of your total funds initially, so that you can be sure that what you intend to happen to the funds IS what happens to them. You can then repeat that transaction with a larger amount.

This is a “How to buy” for people unfamiliar with Crypto Currency. The instructions are basic and a bit lengthy, because they assume very little prior knowledge.

There are other ways to buy and this describes just one simple method.

Raider Token is a Crypto Currency built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain.

For our purposes here, all this means is that you have to get some Binance Smart Chain Coin (BNB) in order to then exchange this for Raider Token.

BNB comes in 2 kinds (BEP2 & BEP20.)

With BNB you can then buy currencies developed on the BSC, using BEP 20.


Creating a wallet

All Crypto Currencies are held in Wallets. These can be offline (hard wallet) or on PCs and Mobile Wallets (soft wallets)

The easiest wallets to create are mobile wallets (Trust Wallet TW, MetaMask MM, Safepal Wallet SPW and others) These can be downloaded from the App Store or Google play.

(If you use IOS then a wallet that DEFINITELY works well is SafePal Wallet.)

Having downloaded the application software, you then need to create a wallet on your phone.

Follow the steps given in the app (after selecting SOFTWARE wallet.)

Most important is that you make a permanent record of the password you are prompted to create, and that you record the 12 words you are given, in the order they are listed. Now make two copies of these and store them safely in two different sites (so if one is lost the other is still available.)

These words are called SEED PHRASE or Mnemonic.



Funding the wallet

Several mobile wallets allow you to buy BNB, directly; click on the BNB BEP20 pane in your wallet and then click buy.

Follow the steps shown. (Sometimes the 3rd party seller of BNB is prevented, by your bank, from selling it – contact bank if this is the case.)

Assuming you are allowed to transact, after a few seconds to hours, when you go back to the home page of your wallet, you will see that the BEP20 BNB that you bought is displayed.


Buying Raider Token

Raider Token will not be displayed in any wallet until you import the token Contract Address. This address is needed to let you see any Raider token you hold in your wallet AND to allow you to swap your BNB for Raider Token.


Importing Raider Token Address to Your Wallet

Copy the, unique, Raider Token Contract Address below:



Go back to your wallet.

In the top right corner of the home page there will be an icon that allows you to import token (or in the middle of the screen in MetaMask.)

Add the contract address and confirm (select Import Custom Token at the bottom of the pick list in Trust Wallet.)

Now when you return to wallet home you will see the newly created holder of RAID.


Buying Raider Token with the Swapper in your Wallet

At the bottom of your wallet home screen you will see 4 small squares icon (SPW and TW) Go to the browser tab if you have MM.

Now click on the Pancake Swap icon (in SPW or TW) Type Pancake Swap in the address bar in the MM browser.

This will bring up the swapper.

Displayed are 2 panes, one above the other. Top pane (what you are swapping) Bottom pane what you want in exchange.

The top one defaults to BNB, and when you have connected your wallet (often automatic but sometimes needs a button press.)

This then shows the total BEP20 BNB in your wallet.

The pane below defaults to Cake.


Click the down arrow to the right of the word cake.

Paste in the space provided the RAID Contract Address.


You can now swap BNB for RAID.

However you need to set Slippage.

This is a percentage change that you agree to buy at (you may get that much percentage less of RAID than you are quoted- this is to take into account momentary changes in the exchange rate.)

Set slippage to 1.25% [This is a very low, and therefore good, figure- most other Crypto Currencies demand a much higher figure, potentially giving you far fewer tokens than shown!]

Do this by pressing the cog icon next to the word Swap.

In the pane (bottom right) that can be overwritten, enter 1.25

Then touch x, to the right of the word Settings.

Now type, in the BNB pane, the amount of BNB you want to exchange.

Select swap.


(Note, you always need a little BNB available to pay for transactions- inadequate funds are the most common reason for failure to transact.)


You have now bought your first Raider Token, congratulations!


When you want to sell, you again go to pancake swap, but press the arrow button between the two currencies to reverse the direction of exchange; for exchange of RAID to BNB.

To convert your Crypto Currency to Fiat ($) you will need to open a Binance Account and send the BNB there. (There are other ways to swap Crypto Currencies for Fiat but they are beyond the scope of these instructions.)

In the meantime you can convert your crypto to a stable coin eg BUSD, to protect from the risk of its depreciation. BUSD can be selected in Pancake Swap.